32nd Meeting of the European Working Group on Cardiac Cellular Electrophysiology ( EWGCCE)
Madrid, 18-20 septiembre 2008
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Symposimun on Atrial Fibrillation and electrophysiological mechanisms involved in its genesis and treatment

"Block of Kv1.5. Useful drugs in the tratment of atrial fibrillation"
Juan Tamargo

Oral Communications
Arrhythmias and antiarrhythmics

"Effects of NO on human potassium channels "
Gómez R, Caballero R, Amorós I, Barana A, Tamargo J,
Delpón E

"Effects of endocannabinoids on hKv4.3 channels"
Barana A, Amorós I, Gómez R, Tamargo J, Delpón E, Caballero R

"Effects of endocannabinoids on hKv1.5 channels"
Amorós I,Barana A, Gómez R, Caballero R, Delpón E, Tamargo J